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Why Swing Latino?

  • No dance partner requiered
  • Classes by a professioneel dance couple
  • Teachers with roots from Latin America & the Caribbean
  • Nice atmosphere and easily accessible locations!
  • Possibility to catch up a missed class




Salsa is the passionate dance of Cuban origin. Salsa is danced in many Latin American countries and by every age. When salsa is the main aim, you have as much fun as possible in dancing. Salsa dancing creates positive energy and gives you a 'happy feeling'! 

Worldwide Salsa is danced in different styles. At Swing Latino we use the L.A. style. The L.A. style is dancing on the first beat. Dancers move on the first three counts and rest on count 4 and count 8.

Discover the world of Salsa with beautiful music and stylish moves!

Salsa Beginners

In a clear and enthusiastic way you are introduced to the basic steps of Salsa and some simple figures are treated, where creativity is encouraged to experience maximum pleasure dancing with minimal technical knowledge.

Salsa Beginners level 1: for absolute beginners

Salsa Beginners level 2: for dancers who've completed 1 Salsa course (minimum of 12hrs)

Salsa Beginners level 3: for dancers who've completed 2 Salsa courses (minimum of 24 hrs)


Salsa Semi (intermediate level)

Those who already master the basic steps can further develop their dance skills in these lessons with new figures and movements. We pay attention to the coordination of posture and footwork, learning to feel the music and 'leading & following'.

Salsa Semi level 1: for dancers who've completed 3 Salsa course (minimum of 36 hrs)

Salsa Semi level 2: for dancers who've completed 4 Salsa course (minimum of 48 hrs)

Salsa Semi level 3: for dancers who've completed 5 Salsa courses (minimum of 60 hrs)


Salsa Gevorderd (advanced level)

During this courses we're starting with choreography, dancing in a group and improvisation. Attention is paid to perfecting the dance steps and figures are combined with cambres.

Salsa Gevorderd 1 (advanced level 1):
For advanced Salsa dancers who have at least 72 hrs experience in Salsa classes

Salsa Gevorderd 2 (advanced level 2):
For advanced Salsa dancers who have completed the Salsa Gevorderd 1 course

Salsa Gevorderd 3 (advanced level 3):
For very advanced salseros y salseras

Salsa Advanced (very advanced level)
For very advanced Salsa dancers who want to create their own style and technique



Bachata is a dance style from the Dominican Republic. Love and romance are usually the subject of the songs. Bachata is a beautiful dance style that focuses on the smooth movements of the lower body, wherein a hip is lifted on the fourth beat. Today, people dance all over the world Bachata!

We have Bachata classes in different levels:

Bachata level 1: for dancers with no experience in Bachata

Bachata level 2: for dancers who've finished 1 Bachata course (minimum 12 hrs Bachata classes)

Bachata level 3
: for dancers who've finished 2 Bachata courses (minimum 24 hrs Bachata classes)





Kizomba_SwingLatinoKizomba is hot! The dance is originally from the African country of Angola and means "party" in Kimbundu. Kizomba music is closely related to Zouk and is known for having a slow, sensual rhythm. In the dance Kizomba leading and following gets a new dimension. The idea behind the dance is that two people are moving as one.

Our professional dance teachers know all the ins and outs of this beautiful dance and are gladly to learn you the right moves! Don't miss your chance to learn this popular dance in a joyful way!


We offer Kizomba classes in different levels.

Kizomba Beginners level 1: for aboslute beginners

Kizomba Beginners level 2: for dancers who've finished 1 Kizomba course (minimum 12 hrs Bachata classes)

Kizomba Beginners level 3: for dancers who've finished 2 Kizomba courses (minimum 24 hrs Bachata classes)

For experienced Kizomba dancers who want to improve their movements and learn more skills we offer Kizomba at Semi levels. In these courses the tempo is higher and you'll learn more complicated moves and figures.

Kizomba Semi 1: required min. 36 hrs experience in Kizomba classes

Kizomba Semi 2: required min. 48 hrs experience in Kizomba classes

Kizomba Semi 3: required min. 50 hrs experience in Kizomba classes


At the regular Salsa L.A. classes we teach you to dance on the first beat.

Want to learn something else? You can also learn to dance on the second beat in our Mambo on 2 classes! Dancing on 2 gives a different dynamic to the dance performance.

Mambo on 2 is suitable for advanced salseros and salseras.


Afro Dance

In the Afro Dance classes you learn different moves swinging afro beats. Afro Dane partly consists of large, powerful movements but also occasionally slow flowing movements that require a lot of your concentration. In the workout you're dancing on mixed traditional African music with modern sounds.

Classes are given by Lucien from Solution Dance. Lucien is a professional dance teacher who has extensive knowledge and experience in Afro Dance. In an animated way he teaches you several African dance moves that will definitely make you shine on the dance floor. Fun is guaranteed! The classes are suitable for anyone who wants to dance!

High Heels

Do you want to dance a nice choreography on high heels? Beyoncé and other female artists are doing it for years! Want to learn it too? Enter our High Heels classes by professional dance teacher Joan. With passion she teaches you a sensual choreo on high heels!
During the classes there's a focus on your attitude and performance.

Discover your most female side and sign up now!



Dancehall is a dance style from Jamaica and emerged from Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B. In this dance style you use loose movements but also very tight movements. You train a certain body control that is different than Hip Hop.

The Dancehall classes are given by professional dance teacher Dajana Jurczak.
Come and learn the real Dancehall / Ragga moves from Jamaica!